Florian Heinze

Developer, Freelancer, Founder
Living in Berlin

Give me your technical challenge and I will be happy to find the best solution right away. I love to purify raw data into something useful or to build sleek interfaces that people like to use.

The simple sense of software is to solve problems. To reach that, I like to talk to all stakeholders to take their needs into account.

I have over 15 years of experience. This is helping a lot to provide constructive feedback, point out critical aspects early, give reliable time estimations and to create results that fits your requirements best!

Buzzword bingo

Solutions Social wiki, crowdsourcing
E-commerce market places, curated shopping
Natural language processing, storing, retrieval
Content management
Symfony, Zend frameworks
Doctrine, Propel object relational mapping
JavaScript jQuery, Vanilla JS, Backbone.js, MooTools
node.js, socket.io server-side JavaScript
AngularJS, ExtJS, jQuery Mobile web app interfaces
LoopBack server-side API framework
Browser and extensions Electron and for Chrome
WebAudio HTML5 feature
Databases MySQL/MariaDB relational databases (SQL)
MongoDB, LDAP document oriented databases (NoSQL)
Big Data NLP parsing, processing, extraction
Semantic data treatment, storing, crowdsourcing
Frontend CSS3, HTML5
User experience, SEO, Web accessibility
Design, Photoshop
Specialities RegExp, mod_rewrite, Unicode/UTF8
Version control Git, Subversion
OS/Server Mac/Unix, Linux, Windows
Shell, Bash scripting
Methodology Scrum, Kanban, Lean, TDD
Content Management Wordpress, Open Text Web Solutions (formerly "RedDot")
Languages Objective-C, C, Java, German, English,
a bit Japanese

Social skills


Freelancer at onBill in 2015/2016

Natural language processing project since years

Freelancer at Outfittery in 2013

Bootstrapped vsChart.com since 2010

Freelancer at mail.de in 2010/2011

Co-founder and developer of biobay 2008 - 2012

Developer and trainee at Comspace until 2009

First experiences since 2000