Florian Heinze

Developer, Freelancer, Founder
Living in Berlin

Give me your technical challenge and I will be happy to solve it right away. I love to purify raw data into something useful or to build interfaces that people like to use.

I want software that fits. Therefore I like to understand the needs and goals of all stakeholders involved.

With 17 years of experience I can point out critical aspects early, give realistic time estimations and serve you with constructive feedback.

Buzzword Bingo

JavaScript node.js, socket.io server-side JavaScript
LoopBack server-side API framework
WebAudio HTML5 feature
ES6, Vanilla JS, jQuery
Web​/​Interface AngularJS, ExtJS, jQuery Mobile
Electron for desktop apps
Chrome Extensions
D3.js data visualisation
Symfony, Zend frameworks
Doctrine, Propel object relational mapping
Databases MySQL​/​MariaDB relational databases (SQL)
MongoDB, LDAP document oriented databases (NoSQL)
Data​/​Knowledge NLP parsing, processing, extraction
Semantic data treatment, storing, crowdsourcing
Frontend CSS3, HTML5, SVG
User experience, SEO, Web accessibility
Design, Photoshop
Specialities RegExp, mod_rewrite, Unicode​/​UTF8
Version control Git, Subversion
OS​/​Server Mac​/​Unix, Linux, Windows
Shell, Bash scripting
Methods Scrum, Kanban, Lean, TDD
Commerce Billing, Market place, curated shopping
CMS Wordpress, Open Text Web Solutions
Languages Objective-C, Java German, English,
a bit Japanese

Social Skills


Published CalculatorPad November 2017

Experimental browser 2017

Natural language processing project 2017 and before

Freelancer at onBill in 2015/2016

Freelancer at Outfittery in 2013

Bootstrapped vsChart.com since 2010

Freelancer at mail.de in 2010/2011

Co-founder and CTO of biobay 2008 - 2012

Developer and trainee at Comspace until 2009

First experiences since 2000